What your gifts provide

Your gifts have a huge social impact in Pakistan. Costs are low we are able to do so much more than can be done in the UK or US with  the same amount.

£3.80 $6.3 School books for a child (per year)
£15 $25 To educate a child (per year)
£20 $35 Scholarship for a child (per month)
£35 $60 Teachers salary (per month)
£50 $85 Training for a teacher (a week)
£500 $840 To set up and equip a new School  (single payment)
£5,000 $8,400 School books (per year)

*Note that conversion rates are only approximate



It is difficult to calculate the rate of inflation because despite government controls on the price of basic foods inflation hits the poorest hardest. We estimate that our costs increase by 10 - 15% per year.


Huge Social Impact

Image of an Aqueduct Teacher handing a prize to one of her students

Most of our teachers are unmarried girls who would not normally be allowed out of the house without a male relative.

By paying them

  • We give them status in their community
  • We give them status in their family  
  • We improve their prospects for marriage


Positive Economic impact

Image of a small shop in Pakistan with the shopkeeper and family sitting on the floor surrounded by shelves of their wares.Aqueduct buys locally which

  • Enables us to buy more cheaply
  • Blesses local traders
  • Puts money back into the local economy