Why do you work in Pakistan?

One of the trustees visited Pakistan over a number of years as part of his job with one of the worlds leading engineering consultancies. During the visit he built up friendship with local people including local pastors. He saw the poverty and how easy it would be to make a difference through a small amount of money, application of proven appropriate technologies, project management and just plain encouragement. That was the start.

Since then the friend that he made has been promoted and Aqueduct now has access to some 30 communities though its church leaders. Currently we only work in a few of those communities. The needs of the other communities are no less. We have the infrastructure but not the resources to meet those needs.


Why do you work with the church?

“Christian institutions are rooted in their communities. They have developed a credible leadership familiar with the needs of the poor, familiar with cultures, histories and contexts of its people. Religious communities approach their development work from a unique perspective that reinforces the moral and ethical value systems of these communities." World Bank, Faith in Development 2001 How religious is Aqueduct? We do not discriminate in who can access our service. Our values are founded in the Christian faith emphasizing integrity, good stewardship, and service to the poor. Our leadership in the UK and overseas is with Christian professionals with appropriate skills.


Do all my donations reach the poor?

All the money will go overseas. We do not make any deduction for administration or for other purposes. We are entirely reliant on volunteers who give their time free.


Why should I give to Aqueduct?

Aqueduct works in the heart of the communities of greatest need. Being in personal relationship with community leaders we are able to act swiftly and sensitively to rapidly changing situations.


Why do you not give the names of the people that you work with?

Persecution of the poor and marginalised is never far away. This may take the form of kidnapping physical violence, destruction of property or invented accusations which may or may not go though the legal systems. In order to protect those we help we have avoided giving details which might identify those we work with